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TLC Grad Gets Over $2.5 Million Verdict in Bexar County, Texas on ‘Minor Impact Soft Tissue’ Injury Case

TLC Faculty Leader, Ron Estefan with Israel Garcia "I used the methods I learned at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College and from Psychodrama training workshops to show the jury at a true, deep emotional level what my client had in his life before the crash and what was taken away from him; how the crash happened; and the cover-up scene after they pulled over and he realized he was run into by an off-duty police officer." - Israel Garcia, 2010 TLC Graduate Israel Garcia is a personal injury attorney based in San Antonio, Texas at his firm, the Law Office of Israel Garcia. Israel graduated from the Trial Lawyers College in 2010 and has since attended over eight [...]

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Trial Lawyers College is a Tribe of Warriors who Fight for Justice

Gerry Spence says "Constitutional rights are those rights that serve both the innocent and criminal alike. When such rights are wrested from the criminal, they are also taken from us." As stated in the Trial Lawyers College Mission Statement; The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression. The Trial Lawyers College is comprised of a tribe of civil plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers from across the nation to have a place where they can [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman

 Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman "It is a very lonely business. It is a very isolating business. As a matter of fact, a lot of people don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it, so they don't practice criminal law or they don't take cases against a county, a municipality, or a police department because it's not politically correct in their world. This (TLC) is a world of lawyers who do the right thing, who do the tough thing, who represent the damned, the downtrodden, and the voiceless. It's a very lonely place and we need a place for those kinds of Warriors and souls to congregate and recharge to let people [...]

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The Trial Lawyers College Constellation Regionals

In 2018, TLC's Board of Directors decided to offer constellation regionals which are intended to teach the TLC Methods in more locations across the nation in smaller group formats so students can work more one-on-one with faculty members on their cases. "Constellations provide up-close, personal exploration of your cases and ramping up your trial style. It’s intense and hands-on." - Paula Estefan, '06 TLC Grad. Last year the Trial Lawyers College had great success in offering these programs, so TLC's Board decided to have them again this year in three additional locations. The 2019 Constellation Regionals are on the TLC Methods of Voir Dire in nine locations across the nation on three separate dates. In addition to trial skills, students will [...]

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TLC Grad, Chad Newman Discovers the Story of a Sacred Relationship and Wins Fight Against Allstate

"Chad is a TLC grad and uses TLC methods in everything he does. To put a point on it, the defense counsel sent Chad a message after voir dire complimenting him on how authentic, or 'real' he was during jury selection." -Blake Erskine (TLC1'10) Chad Newman is a personal injury attorney at Erskine & McMahon Attorneys at Law in Longview, Texas who graduated from TLC's 3-Week College in 2012 and has rooted the TLC methods into many parts of his practice. "I see other attorneys take a 'cookie cutter' approach. They have their stack of files, prepare for trial in a few short days, maybe visit their client once or twice, then think they can represent their client to their [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 30: Milton Grimes on the Power of Truth

Episode 30: Milton Grimes on the Power of Truth "I started out with the attitude that I can't lie my way through this profession because I thought I was in a fish-bowl, in that I was the lone African American lawyer in a vast rich county, OC, California. So I started out with the fear that if I ever got caught lying, I would lose all respect and integrity, and it would be too hard to fight for what I thought was what I believed in if I took on that approach, so I had to be open and honest to a fault, and from that evolved the reputation what Milton Grimes says may not be agreeable, but it is [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 27: Ron Estefan on the Currency of Credibility in the Courtroom

Episode 27: Ron Estefan on the Currency of Credibility in the Courtroom "A lot of people have this sense that the voir dire is almost like a throwaway part of a trial. You get up there talk to these jurors, and some people just throw up their hands and say 'we're not going to learn anything from these jurors, they're not going to share with us anything that matters what we are doing here' and that notion can become prevalent if you allow it to. I overcame this by watching Gerry Spence and others who were using the TLC Methods and actually being apart of them doing it. I could see the quantum shift of how a voir dire should be [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 21: Criminal Defense Lawyer, Don Malarcik, on the Most Powerful Forces in Trial

Episode 21: Criminal Defense Lawyer, Don Malarcik, on the Most Powerful Forces in Trial "It's very tempting to put up your defense mechanisms that we've all honed over for years and decades and to try not to feel. But you can't be effective in a death case, or any trial without feeling and being real. So, the Trial Lawyers College has given me the tools to do that in a healthy way. It starts with being open and honest with how I feel." "Being open and honest with the jury about what they experience, and more importantly giving them some tools to process it and experience it together as the trial unfolds, allows them to get through the first reaction of [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 20: Paula Estefan on Hostile Jurors, Empathy and Getting the Jury to Engage

Episode 20: Paula Estefan on Hostile Jurors, Empathy and Getting the Jury to Engage "I think we all are fearful of the hostile juror that starts talking about tort-reform but I've learned to embrace that person instead of either fighting them or running from them because those are really the 3 options you have; stop, listen, and stay with them, run from them, or fight them. I used to run from them and every once in a while I would fight with them or try to change their minds but that clearly was not the route to take. Going to TLC really made me stop and listen to what they are saying and stop thinking about my own agenda of trying [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 17: Battle for Credibility During Voir Dire with TLC President John Sloan

Episode 17: Battle for Credibility During Voir Dire with TLC President John Sloan "The change in the method started with my going to the Trial Lawyers College. I was a student there in the summer of 1998, and in 1998 I had already been trying cases for 18 years and had probably 100 jury trials to a verdict and I had some success. I remember Gerry getting up in that 30-day period and talking about how we needed to be ourselves, that it all begins with you and pointing to one of my female classmates, a lady that had a small voice, saying, 'You, you can beat me in the courtroom, all you have to do is just be real [...]

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