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San Diego TLC Trial Lawyer, Omid Rejali, Dedicates His Record-Breaking Verdict to the Trial Lawyers College

  "I have always said and will continue to say that TLC changed my life for the good, forever. I attended my first regional in January 2017 and have attended two subsequent regionals since. I have not had the pleasure of attending the 3-week college but will certainly do so in the near future. This verdict and many more to come are all dedicated to the college. It all came about by nothing other than pure LOVE for my client." - Omid Rejali, TLC Seminar Student Omid Rejali is a TLC student who opened his criminal and civil practice, Rejali Law Firm, in San Diego right after passing the bar in 2014. He attended his first TLC seminar in 2017 [...]

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Discover the Story of Your Case Seminar Co-Leaders on the Importance of this TLC Method

"To discover the story of your case is the foundation of everything we do and without this skill, we are not going to be as successful as we need to be for our clients. We are going to miss an opportunity to bring justice to them if we don’t know how to discover the story. You can’t really tell the story unless you know it, and facts are not the story. The stories are how people lived those experiences, how they experience those facts and how they lived them that really make the story." - Paco Duarte, TLC Faculty Leader Starting in less than a month is TLC's 2019 Discover the Story of Your Case regional seminar offered in Leavenworth, [...]

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“My Time at the Ranch” Article Originally Posted in ‘The Verdict Magazine’, by 2018 Grad, Laura Shamp

Laura Shamp is a recent 2018 September Graduate of the Trial Lawyers College. She is a plaintiff trial lawyer at her firm Shamp Jordan Woodward in Atlanta, Georgia. Laura has tried cases before the United States Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the State of Georgia, as well as all other trial and appellate courts in the State of Georgia. After Laura graduated from the Trial Lawyers College, she left feeling different about her practice and life. "My three weeks at the Ranch changed the way I practice. It changed the way I think, and it changed the way I live. Gerry Spence says that to be a better lawyer, you must first be a better person. I think he [...]

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Trial Lawyers College is a Tribe of Warriors who Fight for Justice

Gerry Spence says "Constitutional rights are those rights that serve both the innocent and criminal alike. When such rights are wrested from the criminal, they are also taken from us." As stated in the Trial Lawyers College Mission Statement; The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice for individuals; the poor, the injured, the forgotten, the voiceless, the defenseless and the damned, and to protecting the rights of such people from corporate and government oppression. The Trial Lawyers College is comprised of a tribe of civil plaintiff and criminal defense lawyers from across the nation to have a place where they can [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman

 Episode 45: The Power of Place with TLC Faculty Member, Rafe Foreman "It is a very lonely business. It is a very isolating business. As a matter of fact, a lot of people don't have the intestinal fortitude to do it, so they don't practice criminal law or they don't take cases against a county, a municipality, or a police department because it's not politically correct in their world. This (TLC) is a world of lawyers who do the right thing, who do the tough thing, who represent the damned, the downtrodden, and the voiceless. It's a very lonely place and we need a place for those kinds of Warriors and souls to congregate and recharge to let people [...]

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The Trial Lawyers College Constellation Regionals

In 2018, TLC's Board of Directors decided to offer constellation regionals which are intended to teach the TLC Methods in more locations across the nation in smaller group formats so students can work more one-on-one with faculty members on their cases. "Constellations provide up-close, personal exploration of your cases and ramping up your trial style. It’s intense and hands-on." - Paula Estefan, '06 TLC Grad. Last year the Trial Lawyers College had great success in offering these programs, so TLC's Board decided to have them again this year in three additional locations. The 2019 Constellation Regionals are on the TLC Methods of Voir Dire in nine locations across the nation on three separate dates. In addition to trial skills, students will [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 18: Attorney Kent Spence & the History of the Trial Lawyers College

Episode 18: Attorney Kent Spence & the History of the Trial Lawyers College "It's all real because we are taking a story brought into dramatic action and it's brought to life in the courtroom as though it was a well-done movie. And the jury gets lost in the emotion of it just as you would in a movie. When they do they experience it. It takes them out of the courtroom and into the dramatic action of what the client went through. When that happens, it brings up in them, their own personal experiences they've had and a bonding happens, a group is formed, a tribe is formed with the jury. And they believe us because it's true, and they bond [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 16: Mel Orchard Talks Ego and Success in the Courtroom

Episode 16: Mel Orchard Talks Ego and Success in the Courtroom "Suddenly you are connecting with that internal melody of the listener. Everybody has personal stories they connect to, that have moved them in some way, that shape who they are as people. When you are able to tell a story and see a story from multiple perspectives, one of those perspectives is likely to tap into a perspective of the listener and that's the whole goal; to move the listener so that in the end the listener doesn't even recognize that it's someone else's story." - Mel Orchard, 2008 Grad & TLC Board Member Mel Orchard, TLC Faculty, Trial Lawyer and Managing Partner at the Spence Law Firm talks to [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 9: Gerry Spence on TEDx Stage

Episode 9: Gerry Spence on TEDx Stage "I began to learn how to try a case because you don't learn how to try a case in law school, you only learn law. Then they kick you out. And you are then a licensed lawyer and then people can come to you and pay you money to try a case and you don't know how to try a case. That's kind of the legal education that we got and the training that we got and the training today that lawyers are still getting. Let us be true about this, it's the non-training, is the crime of our educational system that is so inverted that it cannot see what it is doing."  [...]

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TLC Podcast Episode 01: Gerry Spence on the Trial Lawyers College Podcast

Episode 01: Gerry Spence on Trial Lawyers College Podcast Trial Lawyers College (TLC) Executive Director, Laurie Goodman, interviews the founder of TLC and famed Trial Lawyer, Gerry Spence. Gerry's career has spanned over 60 years never having lost a criminal case and who hasn't lost a civil case since 1969. Gerry has tried numerous high profile cases; penthouse magazine, the FBI, the federal government, and large corporations, all of which lead to him being inducted into the American Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame. Included in this Episode The greatest obstacles civil trial lawyer's face today who fight to obtain justice for the common man. What to do when you are 'afraid' of losing a trial. Why the justice system has [...]

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