Discovering the Story

Louisiana Immigrant Acquitted on Behalf of TLC Grad & Faculty Member, Tommy Davenport

2018-08-14T14:33:54-06:00 August 16, 2018|TLC Blog|

About a month after Natalya's case was dismissed, her body was found as a result of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound. This blog post is dedicated to the life of Natalya Deville and her family. "In December 2017, I was burned out. I planned on taking some time off during the holiday season to rest up, but before my holiday began, a prospective client came in needing a criminal defense lawyer. The client is a Ukrainian immigrant who did the right thing locating the owner of a lost dog. What should have been a 'thank you so much' moment by the dog’s owner, turned into a cop bullying a lady and endangering the safety of some of the most vulnerable [...]

TLC Grad, Jason Savela Received Verdict of Acquittal for Young Client in Colorado

2018-08-09T09:45:58-06:00 August 9, 2018|TLC Blog|

"When we believe our client is honest, we’re looking for a reason why the complaining witness would necessarily lie, misrepresent the truth, or just be wrong. Basically, we came up with a variety of possible reasons, but we couldn't nail anything down at the beginning of discovery. Although, we did discover an interesting conversation between my client and the woman receiving the massage. My client had told the woman that he had a $3 million policy protecting him in case he did harm or touch somebody inappropriately. The next massage my client gave this woman was when the accusation of penetration came out, which was very significant." - Jason Savela, 2010 TLC Graduate Jason Savela is a Criminal Defense Lawyer [...]

TLC’s Texas Regional Co-Leaders on ‘Discovering the Story’

2018-03-26T09:52:13-06:00 March 26, 2018|TLC Blog|

Paula and Ron Estefan, and TLC President John Sloan are the faculty co-leaders at the upcoming Trial Lawyers College Regional Seminar in Hunt, Texas focusing on Discovering the Story. April 12-15, 2018. Interested in registering? You can use this link to register now. Ron and Paula Estefan, from Houston, TX are a power-house couple within the TLC community since their 3-Week College graduations in 2005 and 2006. They have been Faculty Members of many Trial Lawyers College CLE programs since 2011 and have been the co-leaders of the Texas Regional for a number of years. They have not only included the TLC methods in their respective plaintiff and med-mal practices, but they have included them in their marriage as well, [...]

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