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Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorney and TLC Grad Bell Island on Connecting with his Jury – and His Client Was Vindicated!

2017-12-27T10:58:41-07:00 August 29, 2017|TLC Blog|

Congrats on your win, Bell!  Can you tell us a little bit about your client? My client was accused of inappropriately touching 4 young girls. The first time I met him, he was in jail and hadn't been able to make bond yet. Once we got him out, we were able to move on to the stage of understanding his story. My client's history was really important because he was a softball coach for girls the same age as these girls making the accusations. He spent a lot of time with young girls and nothing had happened with any of them. He was not a person that would commit this sort of crime. How did The Trial Lawyers College help [...]

TLC Faculty Ken Turek Dares to have FUN in the Courtroom. And he WINS!

2017-12-27T11:01:36-07:00 July 29, 2017|TLC Blog|

Ken, you've been on the TLC faculty for almost 20 years now!  Can you share with us your thoughts about the role of the psychodramatic methods in learning about and developing the story of your cases? Well, like Gerry is famous for saying, "It always begins with you"; employing the psychodramatic methods gives me this set of antennae that automatically come out and they are not only looking at me, they are looking at others.  By truly using and understanding the power of role reversal and mirroring, I can better understand the true story of my cases, and I get to feel things on a deeper level.  We all want to look good.  We don't want to look weak or [...]

Indiana Trial Lawyer Fred Shultz Wins a Slip and Fall

2017-12-27T10:59:10-07:00 May 29, 2017|TLC Blog|

So you won this case for you client -- great!  Can you give use the background of the case? We did, yes!  The case was Marsha Jones vs. AMC Theaters.  It was a straight forward situation. My client, Marsha,  and a friend walked into a movie theater to see a movie.  They walked up to the ticket counter, my client bought her ticket, then took one step to the left to allow her friend to purchase hers.  Marsha then fell in such a way that her left femur snapped and protruded through the skin.  The whole thing was caught on a video surveillance. From the very beginning, Marsha always said that she slipped on a brochure on the floor.  She [...]

Recent Grad, Joe Jones, WON a Difficult “He Said-She Said” Case!

2017-12-27T10:59:14-07:00 April 28, 2017|TLC Blog|

You won! Congratulations! Would you mind giving me some background on the case?   Sure. There are a few players in this case. There is the grandmother who is the legal guardian of her 11 year old granddaughter and the granddaughter has a friend who's the same age.  The two 11 year old girls go with the grandma over to grandma's friend's house.  Grandma's friend lived with this man, Michael, who is the defendant in the case. Michael owned the house and had a swimming pool in the backyard, so the girls were excited about going swimming that day.  It's a hot June day back in 2011.  They were swimming, having a good time, and at some point all the [...]

Baton Rouge’s Christopher Suba on Corporate Greed – Turning Complex Construction Litigation into a Human Story.

2017-12-27T10:59:26-07:00 April 3, 2017|TLC Blog|

When a local construction company and its owner contracted to perform a construction contract for a national outfit and the United States Army Corps of Engineers, his agreement to perform evolved beyond the original scope of work - and even into the "request" that he finance the additional services, all based upon the supposed promise that he would be fairly paid and reimbursed upon completion of the now much larger project. Once the small business owner had performed, the larger corporation overseeing this federal job took THEIR large profit and left the small business owner/subcontractor "holding the bag." Baton Rouge, LA TLC Grad Christopher Suba (Class of 2013) convinced a federal jury that was wrong. Credibility was the key in this betrayal story presented within a "dry" breach of contract case...

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