Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Rescheduled Course Dates, 2021 Schedule

September 2020 3-Week College

July 2020 College applicants do not have to resubmit an application to be considered for the September 2020 College. We will roll those over for you.

September 2020 College applicants have until May 26 to fill out and submit an application. There is no time like the present to submit your application or encourage your colleagues to do so, while you are at home and have more time to be reflective and thoughtful with your answers.

Grad 1, Grad 2 and Indigent Representation

Students who have been accepted to Grad 1, Grad 2, and Indigent Representation for 2020 do not have to reapply for these same programs in 2021. We will save your seats and look forward to seeing you next year! Nancy will send you a link next spring to fill out a new registration form for logistical purposes, but rest assured, your seat is saved for 2021.

2020 Regional Seminars

Students who were registered for a March or April Regional Seminar in Santa Fe, Anchorage, Kansas City or Newport Beach are encouraged to register for one of our fall Regional Seminars:

While you will have to go on-line and register anew for the programs, any monies that you previously paid to attend a canceled 2020 course can be re-applied for you to the new course.

2021 Regional Seminars

We have also finalized our course schedule for 2021, so if you can’t join us yet this fall, you can register now for a program next year.

Again, if you paid tuition for a canceled 2020 course, you will have to register anew for another program, but we can transfer your paid funds over to the new program for you.


If you do not want us to transfer your tuition payment to another program, we can also provide you a full refund. Please contact Lori Schmidt directly at to make the arrangements that work best for you.

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