About the TLC Florida Regional Seminar

We, as human beings, are “programmed” genetically to process our human experience through the telling of stories. Since man first wandered out of the trees and onto the savanna, our history, our understanding of the world and of each other, evolved through the telling of or listening to stories. It is how we find ourselves, in the end. (It is also how we hide ourselves…but that, as they say, is another story…)
That has never changed throughout all our time on this planet.
The book industry depends on this.
The movie industry depends on this.
The song industry depends on this – especially those great country and western story songs! And, on and on.
What we at TLC have discovered is this:  In order to be able to tell the story of your client’s case, you need to FIRST know the true story of who you are – really and truly. This personal archaeological dig is needed. Then, once we have the courage to learn who we are, we can venture honestly into the shoes or skins of others through the use of the psychodramatic techniques learned in our personal work. This is accomplished primarily, as we old hands know, through honest, courageous role-reversal.
It is very simple, really – the journey we teach. It is SIMPLE but it is HARD.
And, you cannot “tell” anyone about it. Our method is experiential learning. You have to do it to understand it. As Gerry has said, “When you can explain to me how an apple tastes, I’ll be able to explain to you how our method works. If you want to know how an apple tastes, no one can tell you. You must eat one. Same with what we do…you must have the courage to DO it. Then you will know.”
Insights written by JR Clary, Faculty Leader at TLC’s upcoming Florida Regional Seminar. Registration for the seminar closes on Monday, January 21. Register today by clicking here.


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