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The Ranch


Located 20 miles east of Dubois, and 100 miles east of Jackson Hole and Yellowstone National Park, the Thunderhead Ranch is rimmed by Wyoming's Absaroka and Wind River mountains. With the East Fork and Bear Creek rivers flowing through the ranch, the TLC campus includes dormitories, classrooms, a cookhouse, and additional meeting rooms in our refurbished barns and 17 other ranch buildings.

Coming to Thunderhead?

The Trial Lawyer’s College campus on the Thunderhead Ranch is a time for learning and applying yourself to improve your trial skills and be the best trial lawyer you can be for your clients.  The campus is basic and harkens back to its roots as a working ranch.  You will share a dorm room with another trial lawyer.  You can start every day with a hike up Spence Mountain, and you will meet every morning in our Big Barn where we begin the day’s learning.  Classes are held in the former horse barn, milk barn and chicken coop (which have all been refurbished to serve as classrooms!)  There are an alcohol-free game and library room; a rec room complete with work-out equipment, pool table, Ping-Pong table and karaoke machine; a fire pit and plenty of hiking trails.  For your days off, students should remember to bring hiking boots, a fly-fishing rod, a journal, good book, or camera! The Thunderhead Ranch is nestled along the East Fork River of the Wind River Mountains and offers plenty of outdoor opportunities! Moose, elk, and deer migrate frequently across the ranch and there are lots of hiking trails on and around the Thunderhead, in Wyoming's wide open spaces.  Don't forget to bring along an open, caring heart, and a yearning to learn more about yourself and your practice as one of America’s trial lawyers, committed to the representation of your clients.  There will be ample time to sit by the river and journal or just enjoy some quiet time on our internet-free campus.  There is always the occasional opportunity to venture into the big city of Dubois, population less than 1,000, for breakfast at a local diner and shop in the stores located along the wooden sidewalks of the main street. If you're lucky, you'll be in town for the Friday Night Rodeo during the summer months! The Thunderhead Ranch offers an opportunity to step back, take a break from your busy life, and reconnect with the land and hopefully with yourself.